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  • Forgotten password

    In the event that a user forgets their password they can request a new temp...

    03 December 2014
  • Types of document

    Files of scanned or saved documents can be uploaded to support various reco...

    28 November 2014
  • Adding a handy link to your desktop

    You can put commonly used links to pages and reports on your desktop for ea...

    10 November 2014

Mywebworkplace is an administration and operations system for your whole Company, bringing employees and departments closer together. 

It comprises an increasing number of standalone business modules. Each module focuses on a different business area and can be configured to fit neatly within your Company. While each module is independent from one another (and available to purchase separately), they work together seamlessly where appropriate to offer even more value.

Mywebworkplace.net aim's to help you manage every aspect of your business.

Mywebworkplace securely stores your company's valuable information such as employees, departments, locations etc, which is then available to power the various modules you choose for your business.

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