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Our punch clock works as an integrated wall mounted unit that communicates directly with your CompanyControls account in real time providing up to the minute reports.

Our Punch unit can be used to streamline the process of time and attendance with in your workplace. 

Different clocking methods are available such as RFID fobs and Palm readers.

A full collection of reports allow immediate review of the clocking information or for payroll purposes.

  • Hardware clocking unit
  • Unlimited Clocking Units can work across your organisation
  • Punch can be secured with a pin
  • Multiple fobs/cards can be assigned to an individual
  • Multiple actions as well as time punching can be accessed inc booking leave, report injury etc
  • Punch can be automatic or manual - offering option to add punch notes
  • Automatically punches the opposite of the previous punch
  • Increased control on the work pattern including lateness grace, flexitime and what constitutes overtime
  • Reports integrated with other CompanyControls information such as Sickness absence and Annual Leave
  • Punch information available on each employee
  • Punch information fully Editable by an Admin
  • Reports available by employee, group, area and company
  • Lateness/Missing report - Sows any anomolies
  • Summary and detailed reports
  • Weekly and Monthly reports

Individual feature releases are listed on our blog.

We continually strive to provide the best software for your needs and welcome your feature requests.

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