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Never has it been so easy to assign a task to yourself, someone else or a group of people and follow its progress and completion.  Effortlessly makes all the little jobs, that make your business work, come into focus.

Little jobs, the life blood of your company, are given out as they come along.  They're usually recorded on a page in a notepad, with initials against the task, in an email, in a diary, in the meeting minutes but hardly ever all in one place and somewhere where they can be kept abreast of.

To do is a powerful task management service for your company.  Tasks can be created for the raiser, for someone else or for a group such as a department.  Todo includes many essential features and facilities to ensure each and every little job is finished properly.

  • Task management
  • Private and public tasks
  • Start and completion dates
  • Email reminders
  • Recurring tasks
  • Tasks raised for self, someone else & a group
  • Originator sign off required on completion
  • Tasks for others require acceptance otherwise reassignment
  • Group manager can assign group tasks to group members for acceptance
  • Task lists show all tasks that are relevant to the viewer
  • Tasks are fully searchable
  • Other modules can raise tasks such as from an assessment after an injury (e.g. more training)

Individual feature releases are listed on our blog.

We continually strive to provide the best software for your needs and welcome your feature requests.

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